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A Catalogue of Drawings - DRAFT

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Gillray's drawings are little known, even among collectors and historians of his prints. This is, in part, due to the very nature of prints as opposed to drawings. Prints are intended to be reproduced; drawings are unique. So Gillray's prints have been accessible at many institutions and collections. And since they have always been better known, the prints have also been closer to the head of the line when institutions have decided to digitize parts of their collections. So even when an institution possesses Gillray drawings, those works are often known and accessible only through catalog descriptions; they are seldom available as online images. In this sort of environment, it is hardly surprising, then, that there has been no attempt until now to catalog Gillray's drawings.

This is, alas, a very limited first draft. It makes certain broad assumptions (among them that something—even if flawed— is better than nothing). And it is currently confined to a handful of major institutions that I can either physically access or reach online. It does not yet include drawings in smaller and private collections, though I hope this attempt stimulates others with drawings in their possession to contact me. I will continue to correct and improve the catalogue as I can, but only with the cooperation of visitors to this site can it grow and become truly comprehensive.

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